Art therapy
Art therapy

Art therapist
Jasmina Mouchrique

For years I have been working as an art therapist after having graduated from a 4-year Art Therapy training in Belgium. Working with psychiatric patients helps me to evolve as an art therapist. I also organize individual sessions with clients and art therapy workshops with groups (children & adults), both in Brussels and Egypt (also see dolphintrips Nooraya).

Thanks to psychotherapy, art therapy and a diversity of other trainings (different dance courses, massage, meditation, energetic bodywork...) I was able to go through a whole growth process myself.

However, the contact with wild dolphins changed my life. Go with the flow, they whispered... So they helped me to let go on a deeper level by accepting the waves of chaos in life. This changed my way of guiding but also how to be in the present at every moment.

All those experiences and that knowledge serve me now in helping others find their own way and rhythm in life, by respecting their own limits.