Art therapy
Art therapy

There is no dolphin trip planned for this year but for other dolphin trips have a look at the website of Nooraya !

Dolphin trips & art therapy

Combining swimming with wild dolphins in their natural habitat and art therapy reconnects you to your inner strength as well as to your own creativity.

Sataya (Dolphin Bay), Egypt

Sataya is a coral reef where wild dolphins rest during the day. It's a magical place with its colored fish and white sand, ideal for snorkeling.

Swimming with dolphins while staying on a boat for one week is a unique healing experience.

Every day an art therapy workshop is proposed, using techniques such as painting, movement & dance, drawing, body awereness & bodywork, breathing exercises, visualization, massage & relaxation. We will end every art therapy session with 
a sharing cercle and a moment of inner silence, which will help to integrate all the acquired experiences throughout the day.

No experience in dance or creative/artistic talent are required! The workshops are for adults and children in 2 separate groups.

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