Art therapy
Art therapy

How to become WHOLE again... 

~ KINTSUGI is the art of using gold to repair that which is broken.
ART THERAPY can make you whole again, by bringing all those broken
pieces together, by making you aware of your scars.
Having been once a wounded little bird myself, I used to be unable to fly.
Now I can take you under my own ART THERAPIST wings and help you heal. ~

Jasmina ~ Brussels, 10/04/2020


The effect of Art Therapy

Art therapy is not a miraculous method but it can certainly help to release old patterns, schemes, projections, habits etc so that old wounds from the past can be healed and new space can be created in yourself by integrating them in the here and now.

For who is it ?

For anyone who wants to develop their inner skills more deeply or who wants to accept and transform their self via creativity. Suited for children, young adults and adults.

How does Art Therapy work ?

Through different creative tools (such as drawing, collage, movement  and dance, visualisation, relaxation etc) we explore the inner world and body. No artistic knowledge required !

Individual art therapy sessions are taking place in Brussels. For more information or an appointment send an email via the contact form !