Art therapy
Art therapy

Individual therapy session

During a first interview, we will establish a minimum therapeutical commitment of 4 sessions in order to obtain a certain result. After the 4th session a mutual evaluation will take place.

1 session lasts 1,5 hours and takes place once a month. You will receive homework and exercises to do at home so that the healing process is not interrupted. A pocket diary is also elemental.

Every session is based on your own topic of the moment. Different techniques will be used (drawing, collage, sculpture with clay/paper, movement, bodywork, visualization, relaxation...). Through those techniques we will connect to our own creativity as a way to express the inexpressible.

Art Therapy can also lead to healing thanks to the many tools you will receive for use in your every day life.

After having been an art therapist for more then 15 years I know that Art Therapy works on a very deep level and can lead to more self-confidence.

You don't need any particular skills, it's open to all!

The individual sessions are given in Brussels. For more information & appointment via the contact form !


Adoring - Mixed media on paper